Malta - the Home of the Baikal Mammoths

We are still telling you new things about the unusual Baikal villages. Tourists come here rarely, but Baikal and its nature are beautiful and amazing in these places. Malta became the new topic of our section, but this Malta is situated not in the Mediterranean, but close to Baikal.

Water Dragon: A Monster from the Bottom of Baikal

One of the most horrible legends passed from mouth to mouth by the inhabitants of is probably the story about a terrible bloodthirsty monster living at the lake bottom. The Buryats call the monster “Lusud Khan” - “The Master Water Dragon” and are still afraid of him.

Where and Why Does the Yellow-breasted Bunting Go?

These questions were put forward by a group of scientists from the Baikal State Nature Reserve, the Research Institute of Biology of the Irkutsk State University and the University of Westphalia named after Wilhelm (Germany) - they made a decision to study the migration of the yellow-breasted bunting.

Not a Fox, not a Dog, but a Red Dog

We continue to introduce the rare animals of Baikal to you. This time we are talking about a mysterious red dog: there are a lot of rumors about this animal, but almost all of them are not true.

Utulik: the Sportiest River of Baikal

We continue to introduce the rivers flowing into Baikal to you. Now it is the turn of Utulik - the river being a dream of professional rafters and tourists coming here for the special Baikal microclimate.

Buguldeika, the Queen of the Winds, Marble and Instagram

We decided to start introducing the unusual Baikal villages to you. Crowds of tourists do not go there, and locals will be glad to show the most picturesque corners to you. The first heroine of the new section is the real dream of Instagram bloggers - the settlement of Buguldeika.

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