"Let’s Turn to Baikal...": a Poetic View

Many poets living during different epochs reinvented the image of the Great Lake in their works. Today we will tell you about some of them.

The Way Advanced Technologies Can Help to Rescue Lake Baikal

We had a talk with the young scientist Daria Bedulina about how Baikal endemics make it possible to assess the state of the lake now and in the future.

Fair Seas: Shipping Traffic on Lake Baikal

“Key to Baikal” will tell you when the first ship appeared on Baikal and why the Baikal waves are more frightening than sea ones.

Do not Fire at Ringed Seals

The beginning of the year was marked by a huge environmental scandal. One of the tour operators of Irkutsk offered an unusual service: hunting Baikal ringed seals.

The Best Time to Visit Lake Baikal: Everything about the Temperature on the Lake

The most frequent question of any tourist is what month he/she should choose for a trip to Baikal. Our infographics will tell you everything about the air temperature on the lake at different seasons of the year.

Crystal Glass of the Baikal Ice

Baikal is one of the few water reservoirs characterized by so many superlatives. The deepest and greatest, the most transparent and purest, the unique repository of fresh water ... To be brief, Baikal has many peculiar features, one of them being ice.

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