Fedor Reimers: Plant Physiology as a Lifetime Project

The Professor of Irkutsk State University, Doctor of Biological Sciences Fedor Eduardovich Reimers spent his entire life working on plant physiology. He began as a simple teacher, later becoming a Director of the Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry and a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

The Master of the Taiga: the Cult of the Bear among the Indigenous Peoples of Siberia

Not only Siberian peoples considered the bear to be the Master of the Taiga, but namely Siberians turned their attitude to the bear into a cult. Moreover, this cult played an important role in the rites of hunting magic and everyday life.

Eco-friendly gifts from lake Baikal

Eco-friendly gifts under $20. Stocking stuffers don't suck when they're not socks or batteries.

Baikal Ice and Snow around the Lake: What Sports to Do on Baikal in Winter

The climatic and technical conditions of the Baikal region there are perfectly suitable for skiing. Skiing season lasts from mid-November to mid-May.

What Sports to Do on Baikal in Winter

The area of the Baikal Mountains in winter receives around 5-6 meters of snowfall, so winter sports is one of the favorite tourist activities this time of year.

The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree

Christmas and New Year's bustle will begin soon; people throughout the country will install and decorate the main symbol of the New Year – beautiful young spruces - at home. Did you know that December 19 is considered Evergreen Day according to the environmental calendar? In anticipation of this festival, let us recall some important facts about the main evergreen tree - spruce.

Water Rat on Baikal and Others: Let's Get Acquainted

Oriental horoscopes have long been a part of our lives, and even if we do not take these forecasts seriously, we still read them with constant curiosity. And the coming 2020 is the year of the Water Rat.

“The Last Wedding”: Why the Ancient Peoples of Lake Baikal Showed No Respect for Old People

It turns out that elderly people did not always enjoy the care and respect of their relatives and tribesmen. An old woman who was doomed to die of hunger not to be a burden for her tribe was fed the best meal for the last time and dressed in white clothes, like for a wedding...

The Mystery of the Chayachiy (“Seagull”) Cliff, or Where Did its Dwellers Go?

A landmark natural object - Chayachiy Cliff as if woven from pebbles and boulders - is located in the area of the Primorsky Ridge, on the territory of the Pribaikalsky National Park.

The “Ant River” of Baikal

Each member of the large family of Baikal rivers fills its own special place. This is also true of the small fifteen-kilometer Irinda River flowing in the area of the Barguzinsky Ridge in Severobaikalsky district of Buryatia, on the territory of the famous Barguzin Nature Reserve.

The Detective Story of the Pokhabiha River

We wrote a lot about interesting and strange names of the rivers flowing into the mighty Baikal. Without a doubt, one of them is Pokhabikha: its name in Russian means literally as “obscene”, “shameless”...

Richard Maack: a Provincial Teacher and a Great Scientist

He was able to truly love a land that forgives no mistakes, but makes you learn what you are capable of. This land makes you real. “Key to Baikal” tells you the story of Richard Maack - a teacher who fell in love with Siberia, who could become a great scientist and discoverer and nearly sacrificed his life for it.

The Discoverers of the Underworld: Who the Speleologists of the Baikal Region Are

Now that no more blank spots are left on the map, the new discoverers are speleologists looking for new caves. The guest of “Key to Baikal” will tell us about the ethical rules of visiting caves, the mystery of thermal anomalies and list the 5 best caves of the Baikal region.

Bay Ayaya: the most picturesque Baikal bay

Ayaya Bay is very picturesque. Local residents say that its name came from a cry: "Ay-aya, how beautiful!".

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