Gray-bearded Barguzin - the Headstrong Tributary of Baikal

One of the most interesting rivers in Eastern Siberia is the third largest tributary of Baikal - Barguzin, the main waterway of Buryatia.

A Detective Story about Spirogyra: Has the Amount of Algae Really Decreased?

Lately, there is a lot of news about the reducing number of green algae Spirogyra, which poisons Baikal. Key to Baikal figured out whether this is so...

Mystical Baikal: Deities and Spirits of the Sea Lake

There is no better time than Halloween to remind about Baikal spirits. Here is about the cult of the eagle, the ancient traditions of the shamans and how to respect the lake keepers.

Among the Glaciers of Baikal

What does the word “glacier” actually mean, where are glaciers located on Lake Baikal and how can one reach them? Read answers to these questions and many other things in our interview.

Why Baikal needs trails

How Baikal landscapes change after trail construction and why it is really important — get the answers from our gallery.

Heavenly Nobility of Lake Baikal

Baikal is often perceived mostly as the largest source of pure drinking water on the planet. But the lake is not only its crystal pure water and the things inside it. It is impossible to think about the existence of Baikal without the living creatures surrounding it, including some very special birds.

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