Sagan-Khushun: The “White Cape” of Olkhon

One of the most interesting places for visits to Lake Baikal is the Sagan-Khushun Cape also known as “Three Brothers”: a sheer cliff of snow-white marble. Some of the most fantastic views of the Maloye More Strait open from here...

An Unusual Seagull: a Sad Fairy Tale with a Happy Ending

Today we will tell you an unusual horror story: a sad story from the coast of Lake Baikal, as it turned out, the ending was good. You are welcome the story of an unusual seagull passed by Buryat folklore from generation to generation...

Shirildy: the “Sable River” of Baikal

Here is a new story about the river flowing into Baikal. This time we will talk about the Shirildy River. Exactly here Doppelmair once found the “Siberian gold” - the Baikal sable; today people come here for hot springs and excellent fishing...

The Most Recognizable Duck of Baikal

We continue to familiarize you with the birds of Baikal. Ruddy shelduck is a duck that has become a symbol of peace and tranquility for Baikal Buddhists and which is mistakenly confused with geese...

Nikolai Turchaninov - the Discoverer of Baikal Plants

His fate is truly amazing, and his contribution to the study of the rich flora of Baikal region is invaluable. Therefore, the surname of Nikolai Stepanovich Turchaninov (1796 - 1863) was carved on the frieze of the building of the Irkutsk Regional Museum, alongside with the medallions with the names of the most famous discoverers of the Siberian region...

Goryachinsk - the First Resort of Baikal

We keep on introducing the unusual Baikal villages to you. The new topic of our section will be a village-resort on the eastern coast of the lake - Goryachinsk.

The Science about the Stars: Astronomy at Baikal

People have been interested in the starry sky since ancient times. For some it was a beautiful sight, for others it was a mystery, but there were also those who tried to understand and study the celestial bodies. “Key to Baikal” will tell you about astronomy on Lake Baikal.

Tatyana Poselskaya: “I Chose Environmental Education”

The employees for whom the preservation of the lake and its unique nature is not just a job, but a work of a lifetime, have been working in the reserves and national parks located at Baikal and on the Baikal natural territory for more than one decade. Within the frame our section #ThePeopleOfTheLake we will talk about those who cannot imagine themselves without Baikal.

What Is the Most Unusual Waterfall of Baikal Famous For?

Heads up, ecotourists! We have found the perfect (and unique) place for you to visit on the lake! The waterfall on the Bezymyannaya River is a unique natural monument of Baikal, and the bay where it is situated is a textbook example of the consequences of glacial action on the Baikal Range.

The Cradle of the Main Baikal Wind: the Sarma River

One of the most beautiful and sad legends of Baikal is connected with the Sarma River. Read about the way the aggrieved girlfriend became the furious mistress of the most dangerous lake wind and why this wind should not be underestimated…

The Beauty and Usefulness: an Important Detail in the Costume of the Indigenous People of Baikal

The costumes of the indigenous peoples of the Baikal region are beautiful and unusual. One of the most ancient items of clothing is the Evenki breastplate, which served the ancient Baikal peoples both as a protection from the cold and decoration even before Christ...

The Mighty Hero of the Baikal Forest

One of the most interesting representatives of the Baikal fauna is considered to be an elk, also known as “beamy”.

The Terrible Force of the Valley of Volcanoes

People like to compare the mysterious death of a scientist in the Valley of Volcanoes in the Baikal region with the Dyatlov Pass incident. Traveling in time, a Bigfoot or a domestic homicide: in our new horror story we are trying to find it out why the local people still sacredly honor this place.

The Good Genius of Irkutsk - Vasily Basnin

There are people whose lives affect many others and permanently change the usual course of life. Vasily Nikolayevich Basnin was hits kind of person — the Irkutsk art patron and friend of the Decembrists. Our new text from the section “The Lives of Great People of Baikal” will be devoted to him.

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