The Trees That “Are Walking” Towards Baikal

The stilted trees of Baikal became a symbol of the lake, just like the Shamanka Rock or the Circum-Baikal Railway. We will tell you about the way they appeared near the lake and why they need special protection today.

Gleb Vereshchagin: a Man and a Ship

It is hard to find a scientist who would have done as much for Baikal as Vereshchagin. We continue to acquaint you with the outstanding people of Baikal.

Snezhnaya: the River with the Most Siberian Name

Snezhnaya (“Snowy” in Russian) is one of the most interesting water-abundant tributaries of Baikal. The river ranks fourth after such major tributaries as Verkhnyaya Angara, Selenga and Barguzin.

Water Will Cure All Diseases: the Healing Mineral Springs-arshans of Eastern Baikal

On the eve of World Health Day, we decided to continue the story about the healing spings-arshans of Baikal. This time we will tell you about the hot springs of Eastern Baikal, where the healing waters rush both underwater and on the land and help people to recover from various diseases.

Bald Eagle - a Proud Symbol of Olkhon

Bald Eagle is also known as an “imperial eagle”. Our story about this majestic bird that has become a symbol of the main island of Baikal, Olkhon, is dedicated to the International Day of Birds.

Staraya Angasolka – a Gem of the “Golden Buckle” of Russia

We continue to introduce you to unusual Baikal villages. The new topic of our section will be the village and railway station on the Circum-Baikal Railway - Staraya Angasolka.

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