«Первый Байкальский» — Все об озере Байкал


The Baikal Ringed Seal Has Changed: the Animal “Hunts” on Fishermen and Likes to Listen to Music

The problem of the increasing count of ringed seals on Lake Baikal has been a so-called problem until recently. After the commercial catch of the Baikal seal was banned, its count began to grow, making everyone happy: tourists, scientists, ecologists...


Spining the Pedals: a Bicycle Tour of Olkhon

Olkhon is a unique island, and those who want to travel through it by bike, as commonplace as it may sound, will get unforgettable impressions.


The Way Lake Baikal Was Discovered

The discovery of Baikal is inseparable from the exploration of Siberia. These lands attracted explorers from all over the world, and all of them made their contribution into the study of the lake. Our infographics will tell you about the most important stages in the discovery of Baikal and clearly show the routes which the first explorers used for passing through the territory of the lake.


Where to Pick Mushrooms at Lake Baikal: a Review of the Most Interesting Places

The season of “quiet hunt” is in full swing now: forests will make mushroom pickers happy with their treasures from early August until late autumn Siberian.


Women are Strictly Forbidden: On the Severe Taboos of Lake Baikal

People traveling to Lake Baikal (especially to the areas which are sacred for the Buryats) often have to encounter distrustful views of the local population, and this can be explained by the fact that the entry to some places it is strictly prohibited for women.


Imperial House in Irkutsk: the Route of Nikolai II

The education of the future heir to the throne was taken very seriously by the imperial family. The final stage of education, as a rule, was a journey of the Crown Prince through foreign countries. However, visits to different places of his vast homeland were also an important part of his imperial duty. Irkutsk and Baikal became significant destination points during one of these visits

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