From the ancient times lake Baikal was a place full of myths and legends. As well as in the whole world, in Russia and in Buryatia religion has been an integral part of the spiritual life of all the peoples of the region, and of all the ethnic groups. Religion influenced all the sides of life of the society, its traditions, its customs and rites of the peoples.
This page provides articles about culture of lake Baikal, information about endemic folkways of the lake and the style of living of local people.

A Jewel in the Crown of the Buryat Cuisine: How to Cook Salamat
We continue our gastronomic journey around Baikal. Now we are telling you about one of the most important dishes of Buryat cuisine - salamat. Its recipe only includes sour cream and flour: look it up in more detail in our article.
The Way of Baikal Shamans to “Travel” to the World of Spirits
One of the main attributes of the culture of Baikal shamans is a cane - a conductor to the other world, a sign of power and strength which is traditionally destroyed immediately after its owner's death.
Water Dragon: A Monster from the Bottom of Baikal
One of the most horrible legends passed from mouth to mouth by the inhabitants of is probably the story about a terrible bloodthirsty monster living at the lake bottom. The Buryats call the monster “Lusud Khan” - “The Master Water Dragon” and are still afraid of him.
The Celebration of the White Month: Sagaalgan Comes to Baikal
Sagaalgan is one of the most traditional, beloved, long-awaited Buryat holidays associated with the beginning of the New Year by the ancient lunar calendar. This year the holiday is celebrated on February 5.
Taste Symphony of Lake Baikal: How to Make Sagudai
Locals say that Sagudai is a creative dish. We have a habit of saying that those who never tasted sagudai cannot truly say that they have visited Baikal. We will tell you how to make this unique dish, to be able to return to our beloved Baikal with your soul (and body).
Horror Stories from Baikal: the Secret of the Tomb of Genghis Khan
It's time for to tell you one more #horrorstory about Baikal. 800 years have passed since the death of the great Genghis Khan, but no one was able to find his tomb. However, there is a legend that the great leader was buried somewhere near Baikal. Keeping the exact place a secret was one of his last wishes before death. You can ready our new horror story about the assumed place of the tomb of Genghis Khan and the reasons why his soldiers killed everyone whom they met.
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