To no surprise, Baikal and its shores are an attractive tourist destination. Lake Baikal was chosen as the best ecotourism destination in Russia. Experts see a rapid growth of interest to the place which is rich of wild nature and has the only official ice route in Russia.
If you're going to visit the lake but don't know from what to start your journey - we will help you with this! In the rubric you can read everything about tourism on lake Baikal and plan your trip more carefully.

The green treasure of our planet
The Baikal trees are the guards of the most amazing lake on the planet. Forests play a crucial role in the ecosystem. And it is our common duty to preserve this valuable natural heritage.
Expeditions to Baikal: the Way Science Saves the Lake
Baikal and its unique ecosystem annually attract scientists and researchers to these places. People come there to familiarize themselves this place and find new solutions that will help to save it. Expeditions to Lake Baikal have become an important part of the Lake’s life. We’ll tell you about the most interesting of them.
Where to Pick Mushrooms at Lake Baikal: a Review of the Most Interesting Places
The season of “quiet hunt” is in full swing now: forests will make mushroom pickers happy with their treasures from early August until late autumn Siberian.
A Story about the Way How Bicycles Appeared in Irkutsk
We’ll tell you an interesting story about the way how the pre-revolutionary Irkutsk became the centre of cycling of Siberia, as well as about the possibilities of the modern unique “extreme sport” of the Baikal roads.
The Severe Coast: Acquaintance with the Eastern Baikal
Baikal is rich in diverse localities. Some of them seem to have been taken from other climatic zones. Such zones include the sandy beaches of Enkhaluk. Our reader Pavel made a trip through Eastern Baikal and shared his route and advice with us.
Where to Meet Sables and Seals: Tours to the Nature Reserves of Baikal
Tourism on Lake Baikal is striking by its diversity. Everyone will find entertainment to one’s taste here: whether it is relaxing on the beach, swimming in mineral springs or even diving. But a tour to the reserves of Lake Baikal will really impress you a lot. Today reserves have all conditions for comfortable ecological tourism.