Friends of Baikal

Lake Baikal attracts thousands of visitors annually who come to see this unique place from all over the world. Tourist inflow has a positive impact on the economic development of the region, but at the same time the ecological situation is increasingly worsening. Absence of an efficient and controllable infrastructure for garbage collection and disposal, negligent treatment of nature, low level of eco-awareness and absence of public control are the main reasons of extreme ecological problems.
This rubric will tell you about volunteers projects and organizations which are trying to save Baikal and its unique ecologic system.

A Meaningful Travel
A new #volunteersdiary by Anastasia Malakhova who came to participate in the winter project of the Great Baikal Trail at the Baikal Nature Reserve and understood how each of us can influence the environment and why it is so important to travel in a meaningful way.
Baikal eco-business: From Dream to Reality
Two stories will tell you about the way the love of people for Lake Baikal helped them to find their life work.
Director of the Baikalsky Nature Reserve: “We will never become a tourist center”
Baikal region is going to celebrate a big ecological anniversary. The main nature reserve of the Republic of Buryatia is 50 years old. We talked with its director Vasiliy Sutula about the reason why ecotourism does not mean having rest in lounge chairs on the beach and about the way the reserve can help educate responsible tourists.
Volunteering is the Best Way to Travel
This month we have an unusual #volunteersdiary to present to you: this text is almost a patter written by Natalia Zotova, who went to the GBT project titled “The Test Trail” held on the Svyatoy Nos Peninsula, and changed her attitude to volunteering and... even to life forever.
A Detective Story about Spirogyra: Has the Amount of Algae Really Decreased?
Lately, there is a lot of news about the reducing number of green algae Spirogyra, which poisons Baikal. Key to Baikal figured out whether this is so...
A Dream about Baikal: How to Show the Lake to the Children
The “Ecological Bus” Project familiarizes Russian children with Baikal and teaches them how to take care of the lake. We have visited one of these eco tours and found out what the children who dreamed of seeing the great lake are thinking.
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