Baikal under protection

Protection of lake Baikal is a priority issue not only for Russia but for the whole world. We must save its unique ecosystem for future generations.
This page provides information about unique animals and plants of lake Baikal. Here you can also to know how government and authorities are helping in saving the lake.


There will be enough water for everyone!
Irkutsk environmental community is angry and outraging. A plant for bottling and producing bottled Baikal water is being built in Kultuk, a small village on the coast of Lake Baikal. “Key to Baikal” learned to know how it will influence the lake water.
Where and Why Does the Yellow-breasted Bunting Go?
These questions were put forward by a group of scientists from the Baikal State Nature Reserve, the Research Institute of Biology of the Irkutsk State University and the University of Westphalia named after Wilhelm (Germany) - they made a decision to study the migration of the yellow-breasted bunting.
The Baikal Coast of the Far East One Month Later
A month has passed since the moment of signing of the decree on the transfer of two regions from the Siberian Federal District to the Far Eastern Federal District. We talked with the experts and found out how this fact would affect the fate of Baikal and whether anything would change for the lake in the future.
Big Surprises of the Great Lake
During the two days, October 30 and October 31, the level of Lake Baikal rose to 456.99-457.01 meters above the level of the Pacific Ocean. The lake that had experienced a period of severe low water for four years surprised everyone once more.
What Can Be Done with the Legacy of the Baikalsk Pulp and Paper Mill?
It was easier to close the Baikalsk Pulp and Paper Mill than to remove the damage done by it to Lake Baikal.