From the ancient times lake Baikal was a place full of myths and legends. As well as in the whole world, in Russia and in Buryatia religion has been an integral part of the spiritual life of all the peoples of the region, and of all the ethnic groups. Religion influenced all the sides of life of the society, its traditions, its customs and rites of the peoples.
This page provides articles about culture of lake Baikal, information about endemic folkways of the lake and the style of living of local people.

The Settlement of Tarbagatai: Three Centuries of Traditions at Lake Baikal
One of the most interesting settlements located near Lake Baikal is undoubtedly the one called Tarbagatai. The Russian Old Believers exiled to Sibera have been living here for three centuries in a row.
Milky Wine and White Old Man: Unusual Traditions of Siberians
Despite the severe climate and difficult temper, the peoples of Lake Baikal are very hospitable, and their folk traditions are full of love to nature and romantic traditions. A mysterious lake which has not yet disclosed all its secrets to scientists attracts ordinary tourists and researchers, as well as fans of shamanism and esoterics. And any of them will be welcomed with honors.
Sacred Places of Baikal
Baikal has been surrounded by mysteries and legends since ancient times. Tourists called the Lake “The Place of Power”; and it really radiates a special energy that is perceived by everyone who comes here.
Meat Pears and Sagudai: the Most Delicious Dishes of the Baikal Cuisine
Gourmet features of the cuisine of the Baikal peoples are due, first and foremost, to their main crafts: hunting and fishing. The Siberian cuisine has a wide variety of fish and meat dishes; each tourist will find something of his or her own, a favorite dish; and the abundance of dishes and recipes won’t leave anybody indifferent.
Peoples of Baikal
The oldest man sites found in the Baikal region are about 25 thousand years. We cannot tell if these were the ancestors of the tribes that lived here later or not. Scientists still argue who constituted the indigenous population of Eastern Siberia.
Main Trades of the Region
Nordic peoples have hunted and fished for centuries. These activities have a special place in the way of life of the inhabitants of the Baikal region.
Sacred Cigarettes and Ribbons around the Trees: Is There Still Shamanism at Baikal?
The traditional religions of the indigenous peoples represent a rather versatile set of myths, beliefs in spirits, magic, totems, etc. Buryats living in the Baikal Region also revered the spirits of rivers, lakes, forests, had a well-developed mythology.
Shamanism and Buddhism: Beliefs in Ancient Baikal
Archaeological excavations prove that people lived near Lake Baikal since ancient times. And of course, they believed in various otherworldly creatures. Shamanism is still widespread in the territory of the lake, and after the invasion of the Mongols, it was joined by Buddhism.
Baikal Myths and Legends
Since ancient times, there have been many myths and legends about Lake Baikal. It is no wonder that the lake keeps attracting shamans and mysticists from all over the world.