The Most Baikal Village of the Lake
We continue to familiarize you with unusual Baikal villages. This time the topic of our article will be the village of Baikal in the northern part of the lake. “Key to Baikal” will tell why this place is worth visiting and what things you should necessarily see.
The Enchanted Coast: Enkhaluk and Its Surroundings
The word “Enkhaluk” translated from the Buryat means “blessing”. The village of Enkhaluk is really one of the most blessed places on the coast of Baikal… We will tell you about the places that you should definitely see there.
A Simple Recipe of a Makeshift Baikal Soup
The cuisine of the ancient peoples of Lake Baikal is inseparable from the lake. We decided to tell you about several features of the Evenki cuisine and share a recipe of the soup that can easily be cooked right on the lake coast during a hike. Enjoy your meal!