Lake Baikal, the blue eye of Siberia. It is a home to many species of animals and plants including the freshwater seal. More than a half of these species are unique to this place. 
In this rubric you will find all information about rich nature of Baikal region and will find out why this lake is called  “Pearl of Russia”.

Goloustnaya River: the Peaceful Harbor of Lake Baikal
A distinctive feature of the Goloustnaya River delta is its extremely favorable conditions for the life of waterfowl and semiaquatic birds.
The Spotted Master of Snowy Mountains
International Cat Day is celebrated on August 8. Of course, this holiday is dedicated to the cute domestic animals, but the snow leopard, also known as “ounce”, is a cat as well, although a very large one.
An Unusual Seagull: a Sad Fairy Tale with a Happy Ending
Today we will tell you an unusual horror story: a sad story from the coast of Lake Baikal, as it turned out, the ending was good. You are welcome the story of an unusual seagull passed by Buryat folklore from generation to generation...
Shirildy: the “Sable River” of Baikal
Here is a new story about the river flowing into Baikal. This time we will talk about the Shirildy River. Exactly here Doppelmair once found the “Siberian gold” - the Baikal sable; today people come here for hot springs and excellent fishing...
The Most Recognizable Duck of Baikal
We continue to familiarize you with the birds of Baikal. Ruddy shelduck is a duck that has become a symbol of peace and tranquility for Baikal Buddhists and which is mistakenly confused with geese...
Baikal Cisco (Omul): Past and Future of the Main Baikal Fish
“Baikal Cisco was used as a bridge for crossing the river…”, or the sad story of fishing on Baikal...