Lake Baikal is a rift lake, meaning it was formed within a deep rift created by tectonic movement along fault lines. At an estimated 25 million years old, Lake Baikal is also considered to be the oldest existing lake in the world as well. 
In this section of website you will find information about the history of lake Baikal and stories about first explorers of the Great Lake.

The Guiding Light of Grigory Potanin
Within the frame of the section titled “The Lives of Great People of Baikal” today we will tell you about the first woman accepted as a member of the Russian Geographical Society - Aleksandra Potanina. Her fate and life are closely linked to Baikal and Irkutsk. Today we celebrate her 176th anniversary.
Where Baikal Spirits Live
It is natural that a great place among various museum objects is occupied by those associated with shamanism, including Buryat shamanism. For example, a whole collection of Buryat ongons dated by the 19th century is being kept in the museum.
“The Titanic of Baikal”: a Hard Worker and an Achiever of the Main Crossing
It is well known that there have always been two problems in Russia, one of which is definitely connected with roads.
Tied to the Fate of Siberia
What the seven letters of the abbreviation ESDIRGS mean and how they helped to rediscover Siberia: you will learn this from our exclusive longread dedicated to those who devoted their whole lives to this wild region.
Anniversary of the “Moorish Castle” or the Place Keeping the Secrets of Baikal
The 135th anniversary of opening of the building attracting many visitors is celebrated on October 6: nowadays the building houses the history department of the Irkutsk Museum of Regional Studies.
The Great Abyss: Who Was the First to Provide a Description of Baikal
The Moldavian boyar (repetitive of court nobility) with an unusual surname – Spathari - gave the first description of Baikal and detected its boundaries with high accuracy with the use of an astrolabe. If you want to know what Baikal looked like almost four centuries ago, you should read our article.