Baikal under protection

Protection of lake Baikal is a priority issue not only for Russia but for the whole world. We must save its unique ecosystem for future generations.
This page provides information about unique animals and plants of lake Baikal. Here you can also to know how government and authorities are helping in saving the lake.


Perfect Formula: Baikal Water Will Become a Reference Standard
A lot has been said and written about Baikal water. Its purity is admired by the scientists around the world. And the bravest of them are even ready to deduct a formula that will prove that Baikal water can be considered a reference standard.
“Frolikhinsky” Game Reserve: the Most Picturesque of All Reserves
Baikal and its almost entire coast constitute a specially protected natural area, one of the types of such areas is a game reserve. A game reserve is a territory of special importance for the preservation or restoration of natural complexes or their components and for keeping the ecological balance. This areas serve to protect certain species of flora, fauna, natural objects...
The Baikal Ringed Seal Has Changed: the Animal “Hunts” on Fishermen and Likes to Listen to Music
The problem of the increasing count of ringed seals on Lake Baikal has been a so-called problem until recently. After the commercial catch of the Baikal seal was banned, its count began to grow, making everyone happy: tourists, scientists, ecologists...
To ban or to limit: is it necessary to save the Baikal omul?
The struggle for the preservation the population of the Baikal omul continues with varying success and unclear results. “Key to Baikal” found it out whether a fundamental decision has been made on this issue and whether it is really worthwhile to introduce restrictions on catching the most popular Baikal fish.
Positive Changes: "Only One Fire in the National Park"
“The spring has passed, the summer has come; forests are burning somewhere again”. This simple Russian childish poem precisely describes the situation with forest fires that occurs in the Baikal region every year. What to expect this year, how the elements are monitored, supervised and controlled, - all this was told to “Key to Baikal” by Mikhail Yablokov, the Director of the “Reserved Baikal” FSBI that united the Baikal-Lena Reserve and the Pribaikalsky National Park.
How to Support Lake Baikal: Instructions for Those Who Care
The 5th of June is the World Environment Day. Various campaigns and events symbolizing the unity of man with nature will be held in each country today. But you should take care of the environment not only on holidays.