Baikal under protection

Protection of lake Baikal is a priority issue not only for Russia but for the whole world. We must save its unique ecosystem for future generations.
This page provides information about unique animals and plants of lake Baikal. Here you can also to know how government and authorities are helping in saving the lake.


Verkhne-Angarsky Game Reserve: the Guardian of the “Bird Kingdom” of Lake Baikal
Verkhne-Angarsky Regional Game Reserve has become the next topic in the series of articles about the specially protected territories of Lake Baikal. Today we will talk about the way how these help to successfully preserve the delicate natural balance of the Baikal region.
A Frank Talk about Lake Baikal or Who the Baikal Aliens Are
A film about the malignant alga has been shot.
An Expert Opinion: “The Mass Death of Ringed Seals is Caused by the Excessive Care of People”
We had a talk with the Director of the “Reserved Podlemorye” Mikhail Ovdin concerning the results of the expedition and heard the most paradoxical reason for the mass death of ringed seals on Lake Baikal.
Enkhaluksky Game Reserve is a Model of Man’s Careful Attitude to Wild Nature
The works on the preservation and restoration of populations of game animals and rare birds has never stopped on the territory of the Enkhaluksky Game Reserve during more than 20 years.
Kabansky Game Reserve: Ornithologists’ Paradise
We continue the series of articles dedicated to the specially protected areas of the wild nature of Baikal. And the main character of today’s article is Kabansky Game Reserve. Its territory is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is protected as a unique wetland by the Ramsar Convention.
“I have counted Far Eastern red deer and met a bear”: everyday life of the masters of taiga
A modest professional holiday of the workers of national reserves has been celebrated in Russia since 1999: October 14 was declared the Day of Reserved Forests. Our talk is timed to this day; we decided to discuss everyday work of people living away from civilization with a person standing on the guard of the protected taiga every day.
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