Baikal under protection

Protection of lake Baikal is a priority issue not only for Russia but for the whole world. We must save its unique ecosystem for future generations.
This page provides information about unique animals and plants of lake Baikal. Here you can also to know how government and authorities are helping in saving the lake.


Question 3: Is it Possible to Control the Water Level of Lake Baikal?
We will tell how the regulation of the level of the Irkutsk water reservoir with the help of the HPP saves the city and its residents from dangerous floods.
Question 7: Is the regulation of the Baikal water level needed only for the operation of the HPP?
This is the answer to the most frequent question arising in connection with the regulation of the water level of Lake Baikal.
Question 8: Can the HPP completely “drain” Lake Baikal?
The most frequent question, a delusional one: it contains accusations against power engineers and HPPs which supposedly have a significant influence on fluctuations in the water level of Lake Baikal.
Question 10: The wells get dry and people are left without water in Buryatia every year. Does it have anything to do with the HPP?
We’ll tell you about the main reason for what is happening and refute the speculations.
Do not Fire at Ringed Seals
The beginning of the year was marked by a huge environmental scandal. One of the tour operators of Irkutsk offered an unusual service: hunting Baikal ringed seals.
Pribaikalsky Game Reserve: the Guard of the Baikal Taiga
Do you know that in addition to the Pribaikalsky National Park, there is also an eponymous game reserve? It was established in 1981 to preserve and restore the population of wild animals of Lake Baikal.