FAQ for Starting Skiers and Snowboarders
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January, 09

FAQ for Starting Skiers and Snowboarders

Winter will never again be a boring and dull season if you start skiing or snowboarding. The first snow will be a real joy and a symbol of a new long-awaited season. So that to help you understand the details of skiing/snowboarding, we have come up with the answers to the most popular questions on this topic.

Which is Better: Skiing or Snowboarding?

This dispute has become a classic one. You can compare the types of sports equipment as long as you can, but no one will come to a decisive conclusion. So, the only way out is to try. Some snowboarders switch to skis after years of snowboarding. And the opposite may also be true. Therefore, we advise you to attempt both skiing and snowboarding. Listen to your heart, and then make your own choice.

How to Choose the Equipment?

The main rule is to choose a board or skis in accordance with your height and weight. If the equipment is slightly smaller than your parameters, it will be easier to learn riding it. At the same time, too large skis or boards are much more difficult to manage. When choosing skis for trail skating, please use a simple formula: your height +/- 15 centimeters. The height of a snowboard should reach your chin.

Some people think that they’d better learn using old equipment, so that they can break it without any regrets. This approach is rather dangerouos. For example, if the condition of the skis or snowboard is very poor, the quality of your ride will be the same. And a starting rider may lose interest in learning, without getting any pleasure. Therefore, you should choose high-quality equipment from the very beginning.

Which Equipment Will You Need?

FAQ for Starting Skiers and SnowboardersModern stores offer a variety of stylish and high-quality clothes for riders. Nevertheless, you can still meet people wearing ordinary sports pants and puffer jackets on the slopes. We’ll give you a list of a minimum set of clothes needed for skiing/snowboarding on the slopes:

• Waterproof trousers of fabric membrane and a jacket with a snow protective skirt.
• Good thermal underwear for draining moisture and feeling maximum comfort during skiing/snowboarding.
• Long snowboarding or ski socks. (Grandma’s woolen socks will not do!)
• Wind-resistant gloves or mittens.
• A helmet, a ski mask (if necessary, back protection and shorts).
• A hat, a buff or a balaclava.
• Medium hardness shoes.
• Skiers, of course, will also need ski poles.

The equipment on the list is enough for skiing/snowboarding on the prepared slopes. You may need additional equipment (a backpack, a shovel, a beeper, etc.) for a more advanced level and skiing/snowboarding outside the trails.

Do I Need an Instructor?

If you have a friend who has been skiing or snowboarding for many years, then you can trust him in teaching you. However, remember that a good rider is not always a competent instructor. You should better take several classes with an expert to reduce the time for correcting errors that are possible in case of incorrect training.

What Are the Rules of Conduct on the Slope?

A ski slope is not only a place for excellent active recreation, but also a potentially dangerous area. There is always a risk of injury on the trails, not necessarily by your fault. Therefore, every rider should be acutely aware of the basics of safe riding conduct:

1. Take an unbiased look at your strength. It is important that the speed and maneuverability of your descent clearly correspond to your physical state and riding experience. When choosing the direction of the ride, you should also take into account weather conditions and the steepness of the slope, so that not to create danger for other riders.

2. Do not forget to look up. Before you cross the slope, necessarily make sure that no one already descends from above. Remember that in case of a collision, the rider on top is considered guilty.

3. Get ahead of others in a reasonable way. You cannot cut in ahead of other skiers or snowboarders, because sudden and unexpected movements can cause injuries to riders. If someone cuts in ahead of you, do not change the direction.

4. Make stops in the right places. If you want to enjoy beautiful views, take a couple of shots or just have rest, stop at the sidelines of the trail. You should not stand in the middle of the slope, creating obstacles for others. It is strictly forbidden to stop behind bends or similar places of poor visibility.

5. Pay attention to the signs. Ski resorts are equipped so that you get the maximum pleasure from skiing without injuries. Therefore, do not ignore warning signs and mesh panels. They are established there for certain purpose.

6. Help others. If you see a person lying on the trail during the descent, you should definitely come closer and ask if he/she needs help. Perhaps his/her ski just slipped off, and everything’s all right.  However, more serious situations are possible.

7. Do not walk through the middle of the trail. Skiers and snowboarders who climb or descend the trail on foot should do this on the sidelines. Thus you do not interfere with other riders and do not damage the surface of the slope.

Besides, you should not forget about mutual respect and politeness. Other skiers and snowboarders on the slope have the same rights as you. Do not run into someone else’s equipment on the lift. And never come to the slope in a state of alcoholic intoxication, under any circumstances.

We wish you successful descents and fluffy snow!

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FAQ for Starting Skiers and Snowboarders

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