Lake Baikal, the blue eye of Siberia. It is a home to many species of animals and plants including the freshwater seal. More than a half of these species are unique to this place. 
In this rubric you will find all information about rich nature of Baikal region and will find out why this lake is called  “Pearl of Russia”.

Baikal Mountains: Why the Place Is Worth Visiting
Due to the extreme weather conditions and topographic features, Baikal mountains are not populated and there is no any infrastructure. The nature of the Baikal ridges has remained primeval, this is what is most valued by researchers and travelers.
Why the Ringed Seal Does not Breathe Underwater and Why It Needs a Health Resort
Everyone knows that the Baikal ringed seal is the only mammal of Lake Baikal and its main endemic. However, ringed seals have some interesting abilities and peculiarities which we will gladly reveal to you.
The Red Book of Lake Baikal: What Grows in the Woods by the Lake
The extraordinary natural beauty of the lake attracts a huge number of tourists. The diversity of flora cannot be but admired - more than a thousand species exist at Baikal.
Healing Springs of Baikal
Such lake as Baikal could not fail to produce healing mountain springs, there are more than 200 of them here. They are all different in properties and water composition, but in most cases the waters are carbonated with nitrogen, methane and occasionally - hydrogen sulfide.
Rare Animals of Lake Baikal
The unique nature of Baikal creates favorable conditions for a lot of animals that do not live in other places of the planet. The majority of the endemic animals of the Lake today are protected, but alas – the Red Book of Baikal every year becomes even thicker.
Waterfalls of Baikal
Around 336 rivers and streams flow into Baikal, and only Angara flows out. There are many waterfalls along the length of this complex system of water flow. The exact number is difficult to determine, as it is more than a hundred.