Lake Baikal, the blue eye of Siberia. It is a home to many species of animals and plants including the freshwater seal. More than a half of these species are unique to this place. 
In this rubric you will find all information about rich nature of Baikal region and will find out why this lake is called  “Pearl of Russia”.

Baikal Rivers: Action for Water and Life
One more remarkable date was added to the calendar of holidays precisely 20 years ago, in 1998. March 14 has since been celebrated as the International Day of Rivers. However, it is the holiday’s name in Russia, and among of environmental activists this date is known under a slightly different name - the International Day of Action Against Dams (and for Rivers).
Circles on the Ice of Baikal: It’s Only Science, No Sensation
The circles on the ice of Lake Baikal were called a “Baikal phenomenon”, “UFOs’ landing traces” and many other names. The recent sensation excites inquisitive minds, so we are trying to find out what these circles really are.
Crystal Glass of the Baikal Ice
Baikal is one of the few water reservoirs characterized by so many superlatives. The deepest and greatest, the most transparent and purest, the unique repository of fresh water ... To be brief, Baikal has many peculiar features, one of them being ice.
Bear Fostering: a Brown She-bear and Her Offspring
About the way the bear became a symbol of Russia and why she-bears are the best mothers among all animals.
A Hairy Bat and a Falcon Changing Colors: Rare Species of the Western Coast of Lake Baikal
Pribaikalsky National Park is a specially protected natural area and also a home to many species listed on the Red Book of Irkutsk Oblast and the Red Book of Russia.
Baikal Berries against Cold Weather: Let’s Prepare for Winter in a Right Way
Everyone knows that the best medicine against cold is grandmother’s raspberry jam. And not only jam made of raspberries. A wide variety of other useful and tasty berries grow at Lake Baikal.
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