The Call of the Earth: Why Do We Need Geologists

The Geologist’s Day has been celebrated on the first Sunday of April in Russia and some other countries since 1966. The date was not chosen accidentally:  the end of winter marks the beginning of the preparation for summer fieldwork and expeditions for everyone working in this sphere.

The geology of Baikal is unusual and incredibly interesting for any branch of this science - mineralogical, petrological, tectonic or geomorphological. Scientists from all over the world come to the lake. “Baikal is a mineralogical paradise to the envy of all geologists of the world,” as the Head of the Geological Service Mali I. Traore said.

The stone chronicles of Lake Baikal contain almost the full history of the planet Earth, from the oldest “nuclear” stages to the events of “modern” geological time, for those who can read them.

I simply have no words to express the joy and pleasure experienced by me, when I discovered the southern part of Lake Baikal... This area is awfully interesting for a geologist.

Professor Daniel Demeff, Belgium.


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