“Friends of Baikal” Association: participants, projects, rules of entry

“Friends of Baikal” is an initiative of people themselves and an association of concerned people. This is their common desire to work together for the benefit of Lake Baikal” - the Director for Public Relations of En + Group Elena Vishnyakova says.

The activities of the Association are aimed at uniting business representatives, experts, researchers and public organizations in order to preserve and develop the territory of the Baikal region, attract public attention to the problems of Lake Baikal, promote eco-volunteering and intersectoral partnership, eco-tourism and eco-awareness.

Our infographics will tell you who will be included into the association, what projects the association will be engaged in, as well as about the way you can become its participant. You can also learn about the activities of “Friends of Baikal” in more detail in the exclusive interview with “Key to Baikal”.

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