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Baikal Lake is one of the most amazing destinations in Russia. The biggest and the deepest freshwater lake in the world is located in the Eastern Siberia among the beautiful taiga forests and Nordic steppes.  Summer is a perfect season to see the beautiful forests of the lake and even to rest on the beautiful beaches. Visiting Baikal in the summer, it is almost impossible to imagine that for five months of the year the lake is covered by metres of ice. But winter Baikal is also a beautiful place to visit.
In this section we will tell how to make a great trip to lake Baikal and which places of the lake are must see.


10 Things You Should Do at Baikal in Winter
If you think that the Baikal region is terribly cold, gray and uninteresting in winter, you are completely wrong. The place is beautiful at any season of the year. And even during the severe frosts Baikal has something to surprise you with.
The Blue Pearl of Mongolia, a Younger Brother of Lake Baikal: Lake Khubsugul
The legends about the greatness and uniqueness of Lake Baikal are known all over the world. But did you know that the Glorious Sea had a younger brother? This is a stunning, crystal-clear lake Khubsugul that charms and fascinates people with its pristine beauty.
How to Plan a Travel to Lake Baikal
This article is meant for those who are going to visit Baikal lands with a tent as so-called “unorganized tourists” who prefer “more democratic recreation options” and for those who want to go to the lake on their own.
The Island of Yarki: the Fragile Paradise of Northern Baikal
There is a strip of land distinguished by its unique beauty in the extreme north of Lake Baikal, in the most inaccessible place of the lake. This beauty can disappear soon. We are speaking about the island of Yarki.
Spining the Pedals: a Bicycle Tour of Olkhon
Olkhon is a unique island, and those who want to travel through it by bike, as commonplace as it may sound, will get unforgettable impressions.
We Spin the Pedals: a Bicycle Route from Irkutsk to Lake Baikal
The very convenient location of Irkutsk gives all city residents and tourists an opportunity to go on exciting cycling excursions, from “weekend” trips to several-day trips. You can reach Lake Baikal through absolutely different routes, including the one that can rightfully be called the most popular: Irkutsk - Olkhon.