Culture and Sports under the Slogan of Lake Baikal
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Culture and Sports under the Slogan of Lake Baikal

Social movements and public initiatives have been launched on behalf of Lake Baikal for many years .The lake has become a symbol for charity events and campaigns that benefit the Baikal region and bring people together in an effort to make their lives better.

One of these noble endeavours was the program "Space Biblio – Siberia", organized by Oleg Deripaska's Fund "Volnoe Delo" and En+ Group, and was launched in 2016 in the Irkutsk region and Khakassia Republic. The program was implemented in partnership with the "Interregional Federation of Reading" Association along with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Archives in the Irkutsk region.

In 2017, seminars and lectures for librarians, will be held, within the framework of "Space Biblio - Siberia" at which they will be told about how to turn the library into a modern space, which will be attractive for children, students and adults. Also two large-scale grant competitions for regional libraries will be organized. The winners will receive grants of  5 million rubles for the implementation of a project for the creation of a model library and for the purchase of new books and will be able to visit the Book Festival and Fair in Irkutsk.

The first activities of the "Space Biblio - Siberia" program will be seminars for librarians on the theme of the "Modern Library: the Path to Changes." During the seminars the experts will speak about modern trends in developing libraries and discuss new forms and functions for their existence. Russian publisher and publicist Boris Kupriyanov the coach of the seminars  and one of the cofounders of the bookstore "Falanster" in Moscow as well as being the program Director of the International open book festival in Moscow said that today the librarians in the regions just have no idea how to make changes in the library. 


It is important to change the mentality of librarians to ensure that they understand who the subject of the library is. This role is of the reader, not of the head of the library, or the Minister of culture. I am convinced that they have a future

Russian publisher and publicist Boris Kupriyanov 

Konstantin Milchin Russian journalist, book critic and editor of the culture section of the magazine "Russian Reporter" also made a statement as one of the seminar coaches: "I guess the library is the best kind of relationship outside of the workplace, where people can come and discuss books. There is a format that is quite common in the world, but it is not developed in Russia - book clubs. In these places people come to discuss and analyze the literature they have read. It is a very touching format. So, I think in the future, one of the ways forward for libraries is these book clubs."

Maxim Sokolov, the General Director of En+ Group, noted that there is no such program in any region in Russia, except for Siberia. "This program will give impetus to a new round of development of libraries, which will help the inhabitants of Siberia not only to satisfy their intellectual hunger, but will be centers of communication and activity and real socio-cultural centers of their communities," he said.

Baikal brings together not only cultural projects, but also sports projects. It could not be any different, because millions of people come here just to play sports amidst the unspoiled nature and enjoy its beauty. Skiing, of course, is the main feature of winter sports on Lake Baikal.

In 2016 the “On Skis!” program starts in the territory of the Republic of Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk region and Irkutsk region. This is due to the joint efforts of En+ Group, RUSAL and the Russian federation of ski racing.

Ski racing remains one of the most popular sports. In addition, it is available to almost everyone, because it does not require the construction of ice palaces or any other special construction. The vast expanses of the Baikal and equipment – that's all you need! Not to mention the fact that skiing has a positive effect on the nervous system, increases stamina and vitality. The program "On Skis!" is designed for sportsmen of all skill levels.

The main objective of the project is the participation of today's teenagers in the national ski racing team of Russia for the 2022 Olympic Games.


The program "On skis!" is not only for those who are involved in sports, but also for the trainers. Specialists from the Siberian State University of Physical Education and Sport, speak in seminars about the latest training methods and the basics of psychology and sports nutrition. Qualifying competitions at the municipal level will be held in the Republic of Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Krai and Irkutsk region in January. The regional race will be held in February and the final race in March.
Athletes from all over the Russia are being invited to take part in these races.

"Skiing competitions in Siberia are just as organic, as snow. We don't just want to remind people of this, today we want to lay a solid foundation for future victories in the international arena. That is why we focus primarily on younger athletes and their coaches," said Elena Vialbe, President of the Russian Federation of Ski Races.

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Culture and Sports under the Slogan of Lake Baikal

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Culture and Sports under the Slogan of Lake Baikal

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Culture and Sports under the Slogan of Lake Baikal

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Culture and Sports under the Slogan of Lake Baikal

The expedition for monitoring of the ecological state of Lake Baikal ended in September. It was organized by En + Group together with the Lomonosov Moscow State University and was aimed at determining the actual risks and threats to the lake created by anthropogenic load, technology-related factor and natural processes. The results of the expedition were summed up by its leader, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Department of Hydrobiology of Moscow State University, Mikhail Kolobov.

Culture and Sports under the Slogan of Lake Baikal