School of Environmental Entrepreneurship: How to Raise Effective Business
School of Environmental Entrepreneurship (SEE) is a joint project of En+ and the YCF "Renaissance of the Siberian Land".
How to Save Lake Baikal from Spirogyra: Initial Results of Recent Studies
In the spring of 2016, the Fund "Revival of the Siberian land" and Oleg Deripaska's company En+ Group started a joint project, "The Baikal expedition." It is devoted to the study of filamentous green algae of the genus Spirogyra.
Baikal Ecosystem: from a Disaster to the Rescue
This figure is well-known: Baikal’s age is about 25 million years. It is very difficult to conceive such a large amount of time. According to various sources, it is one thousand times longer than the period of time the man has lived on the Earth. So even by then Baikal had existed for millions of years! At the same time its global resources are virtually inexhaustible.