Expeditions to Baikal: the Way Science Saves the Lake
Baikal and its unique ecosystem annually attract scientists and researchers to these places. People come there to familiarize themselves this place and find new solutions that will help to save it. Expeditions to Lake Baikal have become an important part of the Lake’s life. We’ll tell you about the most interesting of them.
To ban or to limit: is it necessary to save the Baikal omul?
The struggle for the preservation the population of the Baikal omul continues with varying success and unclear results. “Key to Baikal” found it out whether a fundamental decision has been made on this issue and whether it is really worthwhile to introduce restrictions on catching the most popular Baikal fish.
“Friends of Baikal” Association: participants, projects, rules of entry
Poaching, wastewater, unorganized tourism, the lack of information and resources on finding interesting projects that can involve any resident of the region or a visitor of the Great Lake. “Friends of Baikal” Association has been created to solve these problems. Our infographics will tell you about the main projects of the association, as well as about the way one can become its participant.