Volunteers of Baikal

Lake Baikal attracts thousands of visitors annually who come to see this unique place from all over the world. Tourist inflow has a positive impact on the economic development of the region, but at the same time the ecological situation is increasingly worsening. Absence of an efficient and controllable infrastructure for garbage collection and disposal, negligent treatment of nature, low level of eco-awareness and absence of public control are the main reasons of extreme ecological problems.
This rubric will tell you about volunteers projects and organizations which are trying to save Baikal and its unique ecologic system.

Baikal under Supervision: Lomonosov Moscow State University has been Studying Baikal for More Than 100 Years
The uniqueness of Baikal cannot but excite interest of researchers from different regions of Russia and countries around the world. Our lake is a fragile ecosystem; preserving and studying it means saving 20% of all fresh water resources of the planet and the unique species diversity of living organisms. So, the attention paid to Baikal by such well-known and respected institutions as Lomonosov Moscow State University that has always been closely associated with Lake Baikal, is quite understandable.
Where to Go as a Volunteer: the Best Programs of Lake Baikal
Many environmental volunteer activities are held at Baikal annually. There will be even more such programs in this season, because the year 2017 has been declared the Year of Ecology in Russia.
Who Will Save Baikal from Waste
The problem of recycling industrial and household waste in our days is becoming more acute due to the fact that the volumes of waste are increasing, while the recycling rate is incomparably slow.
"Baikal Project": Bridges and Trails That Save Lives
The first season of the “Baikal Project” was launched in 2002. Today its priority is the construction of bridges and ecological trails on the reserved territories of Lake Baikal. During this time the participants have already built more than a dozen bridges which have saved many human lives.
Culture Vaccine: How Literature Helps to Save Lake Baikal
The first International Book Festival will be held in Irkutsk from May 19 to May 21. We have talked to the Deputy Director of the “Volnoe Delo” Oleg Deripaska Foundation - Ekaterina Svetlichnaya - about the way a book teaches us how to love Baikal and why it is so important today to talk about the ecology of the soul.
360 minutes for Baikal
The Baikal Lake is one of the leading eco-tourism centers in our country. According to various sources each year from 500 thousand to 1 million tourists visit the lake. It means that its shores are inevitably littered, sometimes unacceptably much for a world-famous nature preserve. However there is no organization, which would be directly responsible for the cleanliness of coastal areas. What to do with the garbage?
Unite in Order to Become More Efficient: What the “Friends of Baikal” Will Be Engaged in
In April Irkutsk hosted the first open meeting of the “Friends of Baikal” Association which will unite everyone who is not indifferent to the problems of Lake Baikal.
Those Who Make Lake Baikal Closer: the Volunteers of the Great Baikal Trail
An author of the “Key to Baikal” website has interviewed the three members of one of the oldest environmental organizations in Siberia that gathers hundreds of people who are not indifferent to the problems of the Lake every year. It’s them who are making Baikal more accessible and closer to us; they are a part of the Inter-Regional Public Organization titled “The Great Baikal Trail”.