To no surprise, Baikal and its shores are an attractive tourist destination. Lake Baikal was chosen as the best ecotourism destination in Russia. Experts see a rapid growth of interest to the place which is rich of wild nature and has the only official ice route in Russia.
If you're going to visit the lake but don't know from what to start your journey - we will help you with this! In the rubric you can read everything about tourism on lake Baikal and plan your trip more carefully.

Where to Meet Sables and Seals: Tours to the Nature Reserves of Baikal
Tourism on Lake Baikal is striking by its diversity. Everyone will find entertainment to one’s taste here: whether it is relaxing on the beach, swimming in mineral springs or even diving. But a tour to the reserves of Lake Baikal will really impress you a lot. Today reserves have all conditions for comfortable ecological tourism.
Oil, toys and chocolate: 7 really useful eco-souvenirs from Baikal
In recent years, Baikal has become a real mecca of skillful craftsmen who produce ecological and useful souvenirs. These things will not be just a reminder of a trip, but they will really serve you well.
5 Things Every Ecotourist Should Do at Lake Baikal
Baikal is one of the few places in Russia where a tourist caring about the environment really has things to do. We will tell how you can combine the useful with the pleasant: have a rest on the most incredible Lake of the planet and not to do any harm to it.
Tourism at Baikal Lake: How to Choose a Rest after Your Own Heart
Even all the experienced travelers dream of visiting Baikal. This magical Lake attracts tourists from all around the world. And this is understandable, because in addition to the amazingly beautiful nature, there are unlimited options for fun and relaxation in this place. A travel to Baikal is good at any season of the year.
Ornithological Tourism: Where to Watch Birds at Lake Baikal?
Ornithological tourism is one of the fastest developing directions of ecological tourism. According to sociological polls, it surely ranks second in the world in terms of popularity after hiking. It is especially widespread in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Nordic countries, France, Germany and Japan. Hundreds of travel agencies organize tours dedicated to birds and their observation in natural habitat to almost all points of the Earth.
Main Ecological trails of Lake Baikal
All of the ecological hiking trails at Lake Baikal are combined into an integrated system – "The Great Baikal trail". 13 years after its inception, the project provides a large variety of hiking trails throughout the region. But there are three routes that considered to be the most comfortable, interesting and picturesque.
A Compass, a Sleeping Bag and Glasses: What to Take for a Walking Tour to Lake Baikal
Trying to recall the things you need to take for a trip is boring and tiring. When you are preparing for outdoor night gatherings around the campfire, thinking about the things you might need there is not what you want. We decided to help you to pack your bags and make up a list of indispensable things, because an entire trip would be ruined without them.
Foreign Territory: How to Act on an Ecological Trail
When you go into the forest, the most important thing is to remember that you are no longer on your own territory, now you live by other rules imposed by the nature itself. We’ll tell you how not to make mistakes when you are starting a trip through an ecological trail.
Ushkany Islands: Home to Baikal Seal
The Ushkany Islands are an uncharted and challenging mystery of Baikal. It is not easy for a tourist to get here: you need to obtain permission in advance. However, in spite of all that, these wild lands are visited by more than 150 tourists each year.